The recovery was rapid and the results so far have been exactly as predicted

As a healthcare professional myself, I can easily assess the skills and competence of other clinical teams. I did my research and was very impressed with the Kensington Hair Clinic. My surgery was completed by Dr Williams who is a UK trained surgeon with years of experience in the hair transplant industry. The recovery was rapid and the results so far have been exactly as predicted.

Dr BT FUE Procedure December 2017

It started well. I was given pretty much all the information I needed at the consultation . And between then and the hair transplant I was regularly contacted to see how things were. To be honest there was never really a point when I needed to ask anything and they seemed to be one step ahead all of the time.

When I arrived for my hair transplant I was introduced to the team and given the days briefing. Again I was told everything I needed to know.

The procedure was quite long but I was reassured all the way through and constantly asked how I was doing. In all the team were extremely friendly and supportive all the way though the day.

Once it was over I was amazed at just how different I looked. Even early on I could see a massive difference and It only got better from there. There is a little bit of discomfort at the start but it is well worth it and I would recommend Kensington Hair Clinic to anyone who is thinking about a hair transplant.

Also the aftercare has been brilliant and I am still in regular contact with the team and visit regularly for checkups.

Tom Ross January 2018

Extremely professional, well priced and efficient service.

I had my hair transplant on August 18/19 2016, 2700 hair graphs. The surgeon and technician really made me feel at ease. The clinic manager, Sylvia, was there from the beginning of the procedure and made sure every single step went straight forward. Food and drinks were available, very little discomfort during procedure soon forgotten thanks to the very pleasant conversation with the staff. I love my result so far, would definitely recommend this company to anyone who asked.

A big thank you to all the team of the Kensington hair clinic.

Manuel Berdussin

Incredibly, it is 11 months since my last appointment with Dr Nel… In fact, I am going to be moving to London soon as my firm is opening a London office. Maybe when I have moved, I could arrange a convenient time to invite Dr Nel for a drink. I am conscious that I have never really thanked him (and his team) for all that they have done for me. He might be able to talk me into a top up…


The whole experience from consultation to surgery was better than I could have imagined

This was my second procedure. A very enjoyable experience. From the beginning, the whole team were brilliant. I would be happy to recommend The Kensington Hair Clinic to anyone.

Mr DJ, Surgery May 2016

I had a hair transplant with Kensington Hair Clinic. It has been a huge success and I love my new hairline. Sylvia, Dr Sciacca and the whole team were fantastic and made the whole experience a fantastic time.

Mr MB, Surgery March 2016

A very enjoyable experience

Very impressed with the Surgeon and the team, including management of my procedure, assistance with hotel etc. Thoroughly professional.

Having researched the FUE procedure within the UK for 3 years I was up to speed with a lot of the relevant factors involved in my decision making process.

I did have a consultation at another practice, however felt that the attention to my needs were insufficient for the importance of what this procedure and decision meant to me.

From the initial telephone consultation the Kensington Hair Clinic demonstrated the attention to detail of my needs and requirements. This was reinforced by the face to face appointment I had where I was not pressured, nor was I rushed or my important aspects of this procedure were explained in great detail.

I was fortunate enough to meet the particular team who would be involved throughout my 2 day procedure (2,700 grafts), which was booked around my schedule and availability.

The attention to care, detail and patient needs were maintained at all times through out the procedure… not one issue.

S. Michaels

I am extremely satisfied with the procedure carried out by Kensington Hair Clinic. The service was extremely professional and has produced very good results. The staff are very helpful and also the aftercare programme is extremely good. Many thanks.

Mr SP, Surgery January 2016

My hairline has gone into time travel back by many years

I had my hair procedure in November, now in May the results are really beginning to show. I’m very happy and hope over the next few months the hair improves further.

My hairline has gone into time travel back by many years. Thanks to everyone at The Kensington Hair Clinic.

Mr SH, Surgery Nov 2015

I love my new hairline

I really wanted to thank you for your help and support today.

I was really reluctant to text you so early (think it was about 6am), but you replied so quickly and made me feel really calm.

You definitely have gone well over and beyond what I expected and I just wanted to thank you for being so professional and for being so helpful and reassuring when I was a little concerned about the amount my head was bleeding!

On your recommendation I came in and met with the doctor and other members of the team, and everything was checked and cleaned, and I left the clinic feeling totally relaxed and comfortable.

Please pass on my thanks to all concerned, but especially to you for your dedication

Mr BA, Surgery May 2015

The service was great quality, I would definitely recommend Kensington Hair Clinic

Kensington Hair Clinic is an excellent clinic with a very high quality service. Everything is absolutely perfect. Dr Luciano and his team are talented at the procedure and made me feel extremely comfortable. During the day everything I expected happened with no surprises. All went according to plan and this is very important to me. I have had very good results thus far but I am expecting even better as the months progress. Thanks to everyone at Kensington Hair Clinic.

Mr AA Surgery November 2014

I feel like I'm 26 again!

I have used The Kensington Hair Clinic for an FUE procedure and have been delighted with the results. My dealings with all the team have been friendly and professional. Dr Luciano and his assistants actually managed to make the day quite enjoyable. The follow up support between Dr and Sylvia has been excellent. Before choosing The Kensington Hair Clinic I had considered looking abroad as there seemed to be a cost saving. I don't however regret my decision as I now appreciate what is involved and the benefits of using a skilled and professional clinic. I have no hesitation in recommending The Kensington Hair Clinic.

Alex W February 2018

I had been thinking about having a hair transplant for a few years, but was a bit apprehensive about the whole process. After being offered a chance to relocate and work in Spain, I decided to take the plunge and book the surgery. A friend of my sister mentioned The Kensington Hair Clinic so I went to see them. The adviser, Trevor, told me what to expect and before the day of surgery I met with my surgeon. The surgery went to plan as discussed and at the end of the op I could see the tiny hairs that had been transplanted. I felt fine, even managed to have a laugh with the Dr and technicians. So, glad that I used The Kensington Hair Clinic because everything was very straightforward and best of all, I was always able to get hold of the team whenever I had any questions. Now a few months after the surgery, for the first time playing golf, I don't have to worry about sun burn on my head. I can't wait for the next few months when I will be able to start styling my hair just like I did in the old days.

A big thanks to all the staff involved with looking after me, before, during and after the procedure, this really was a 5 star service.

John B

…already I can see tremendous results

I would like to thank you and the team at Kensington Hair Clinic. The whole experience from consultation to surgery was better than I could have imagined, mainly due to your continued communication and understanding. I would recommend this procedure (FUE with Dr Andre Nel) to anyone I meet who needs your help. I have already passed your details on to 3 friends.

I would also like you to pass on a thank you to all involved in the surgery, including the medical staff and obviously Dr Nel. What a pleasure to meet him and even the chap who made me tea each morning. It all helped to make a potentially scary thing quite the opposite.

Mr JP, FUE surgery June 2015

I choose the Kensington Hair Clinic for their professionalism and expertise. My experience of the procedure was that it was very easy and straightforward. Two weeks after my treatment I am completely healed and already I can see tremendous results. I would recommend the FUE procedure at the Kensington Hair Clinic to anyone suffering with hair loss.

Mr NB, London, Surgery April 2015

If you’re going to have hair restoration surgery, the Kensington Hair Clinic is the place to do it

Kensington Hair Clinic was different. They offered me that one priceless commodity too easily dismissed by others; time. Everything has been exemplary; the consultations, the day of surgery itself and the quality of aftercare. If you’re going to have hair restoration surgery, the Kensington Hair Clinic is the place to do it.

Mr BD, Surgery March 2015

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