Eyelash transplants for men

Regain natural-looking eyelashes

Although eyelash transplants are a relatively new treatment, it is increasingly sought after as confidence in the latest techniques and technologies in hair restoration continues to grow. Male patients are realising they have the option to regain a natural-looking lash line.

We can help restore your eyelashes and your confidence

Hair loss – either naturally occurring from conditions such as trichotillomania, or following medical treatment – can leave many men feeling self-conscious and negatively affect their self-confidence. This can cause withdrawal from social events, having photos taken or even meeting new people.

Whilst there are cosmetic options, such as false lashes, most men do not feel comfortable using these enhancements in the lash line – especially as most of these cosmetic products are geared toward women.

The Kensington Hair Clinic experts in hair transplant surgery make careful decisions about the direction and angle of hair follicles to be harvested for men’s eyelash restoration, and using clinically-proven surgical techniques and technology are able to create virtually undetectable eyelash transplants tailored to complement your individual features.

We offer hair transplant consultation without obligation and without charge

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