Scar revision from previous surgery

Superior results thanks to advances in surgical techniques

Men who have previously undergone hair transplant surgery often remark that today’s results are far superior to what was available even a decade ago.

This is largely due to advances in surgical techniques and technology as well as increased research into hair loss and restoration. However, for men who have suffered hair loss and subsequent restoration either before these advances, or with sub-par surgeons, the scars they may be left with can be a source of negative self-image and regret.

Restore your faith in hair transplants

The Kensington Hair Clinic Team sees many patients who have had previous treatment, in the UK and abroad, which has left them with inferior quality, unnatural-looking results. We are able to offer solutions.

Depending on the type of scarring – which we can assess in-clinic as no two scars or two hair transplant surgeries are the same – there are a variety of options available for scar revision.

We offer hair transplant consultation without obligation and without charge

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