Hair loss in transgender patients

We perform a range of hair restoration treatments

Hair restoration is a sensitive issue

Whilst many people will experience thinning hair that becomes more brittle with age, early-onset hair loss can be sudden, discouraging, and negatively impact self-confidence in business or personal lives. For Transgender patients especially, hair restoration is a very sensitive issue, and at the Kensington Hair Clinic, we believe no two patients are alike. We perform a range of hair restoration treatments, including eyelash and eyebrow restoration, and facial and body hair transplants.

Why choose The Kensington Hair Clinic?

Our expertly-trained staff – some of the U.K.’s leading specialists in hair loss and restoration – are on-hand to clinically assess and medically treat hair loss for every patient’s individual needs, any age, at any stage, using gold-standard medicines, state-of-the-art technology and surgical techniques – all in a comfortable, discreet, boutique central London setting. Our patients are supported every step of the way – from the initial enquiry and the consultation process through to post-surgical care and follow-up treatment.

We offer hair transplant consultation without obligation and without charge

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