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Hair loss in women

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Whilst most hair loss among women is genetic, many of today’s popular hairstyles – often those designed to supplement volume such as clip-in or bonded extensions as well as braids, weaves and tightly pulled-back up-do’s cause repeated adverse tension to your hair.

Chemical processes such as bleaching tints and dyes, perming or relaxing treatments cause weakening of the protein bonds that comprise the hair – making it more susceptible to breakage. And can chemically burn your scalp resulting in a patchy area of thinning or even baldness.

Discretion, ongoing support and expert treatment

The team at The Kensington Hair Clinic is extremely sensitive to the complexities of women’s hair loss, which often takes an emotional as well as the physiological toll on patients.

Our accessible discreet location in Central London provides expert care in a boutique environment – not a packed waiting room with little privacy. Whether you’re opting for a non-surgical or surgical solution, our highly-trained staff will provide excellent support – every step of the way.

Hair loss in women can be devastating, but it can often be treated medically and surgically to restore your hair to close to its original volume and condition.

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