Is the man bun a modern comb over?

There has been speculation that the Wales superstar and Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale could be hiding a secret behind his famous man bun.  With pictures suggesting that the Real Madrid maestro might be covering up a bald patch.

Could Bale’s man bun be causing him to go bald at 26?

Unfortunately this pattern of hair loss is not uncommon in young men today sporting these types of hairstyle.

Tying the hair this way into a bun can cause receding along the hairline and temporal areas leading to thinning and hair loss.

Similar to traction alopecia in females. Identifying this early is important and a more suitable hairstyle that causes less stress on these frontal areas would be advised.

Is the man bun a cover up?

Comb over

The cover up


Yes whilst this hairstyle is causing hair loss problems in one area it could be used to disguise hair loss in another.

The man bun is almost like a modern comb over.
Again not pulling the bun so tight and careful maintenance of the hair using medications such as Minoxidil and Finasteride to slow the progression of further hair loss would be prudent.

Sometimes being fashionable can have its downsides!

What treatment could be recommended?

Thinning in these areas could be improved with Minoxidil medication.

Where the follicles in this area have been damaged and have died a small FUE procedure would restore the previous hairline and temporal areas.

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