Can you spot a hair transplant?

Can you tell when someone has ‘done a Rooney’?

Every since Wayne Rooney publicly had his hair transplant in 2011 we are seeing more famous men embracing the procedure every day. Embed from Getty Images

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a Manchester United fan, we have to give Rooney credit for helping normalise hair loss and treatment and make it what it is which is nothing to be embarrassed about.
Wayne Rooney hair transplant tweet

Wayne Rooney announced his hair transplant on social media


Celebrity hair transplants

Celebrities are often in the media about their hair with speculations of hair transplants if they are seen to have fuller hair.  Even Jude Law wearing a hat can be enough to cause a rumour of hair loss.
James Nesbitt hair transplant?
Louis Walsh hair transplant?
Robbie Williams hair transplant?
Donald Trump …. ??
Prince William – do you think he’ll do a Rooney?

But like Rooney others are proud to show off their results

  We’ve seen Jason Gardiner revealing his hair transplant proudly on Strictly Come Dancing, Geordie Shore’s Kyle Christie sharing his hair transplant procedure to the media, and just a few days ago Kylie Minogue’s fiance Joshua Sasser speak about his. Men (not just celebrities) are getting more comfortable with the idea of surgical hair restoration.  And younger men have become more willing to seek treatment earlier than before. Advanced hair transplant procedures such as FUE can be harder to spot. And should be hardly noticeable in 7 – 10 days and virtually undetectable after 6 – 7 weeks post procedure. The truth is hair loss is very common in men and no man should be embarrassed to seek treatment.

Want to know more?

For more information about hair loss and available treatments please see our Frequently asked Questions page.

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