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Dr. Peter Williams and Dr. Isabelle Granger-Cohet discuss hair transplant procedures and answer frequently asked questions.

FAQ’s about hair transplants

Answering your questions

Will the new hair be susceptible to hair loss in the same way?

No, the donor hair is transplanted from locations on the scalp that are not susceptible to hair loss as they do not have androgen receptors.

Which procedure should I choose?

During your consultation, the Kensington Hair Clinic specialists will conduct a full hair and scalp analysis, and also rule out any potential underlying causes. Our experts are keen to know what your hair restoration goals are, and can tailor options to your desired result, including your recovery time, and the most suitable procedures for you.

What if I’ve already had hair restoration treatment?

Due to the relatively unpredictable nature of an individual patient’s rate hair loss, which depend on their genetics, as well as underlying medical causes, lifestyle or environmental factors, sometimes patients need to have more than one procedure in their lifetime, mostly because the areas prone to thinning hair are located over the top of the scalp, where it’s most visible.

Some patients feel let down by non-surgical treatments that do not leave them with the desired effect, and those who have previously undergone hair transplant surgery often remark that today’s results are far superior to what has been available even a decade ago, due to advances in surgical techniques and technology as well as increased research in the field of hair loss and restoration, however, for patients who have suffered hair loss and subsequent restoration either before these advances, or with sub-par surgeons, the scars they may be left with can be a source of negative self-image and regret.

Renew your faith in hair restoration – with our great results

At Kensington Hair Clinic, we believe in only using the gold standard of treatment for non-surgical hair restoration, so we won’t offer you a costly collection of supplements without proven results – only medical treatment that works. We often see patients who have had previous treatment either in the UK or abroad which have left patients with inferior quality, unnatural-looking results – but we are able to offer solutions. Depending on the type of scarring – which needs to be assessed in-clinic, as no two scars, or two hair transplantation surgeries are alike – there are a variety of options to address scar revision, or to cover existing scarring using the latest state-of-the-art surgical techniques.

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