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Treatment costs

Quality and long term value are the most important factors

It is impossible to accurately calculate the cost of your hair transplant without a hair & scalp analysis. So we always invite you to come to the clinic for an analysis without cost and without obligation. Learn more about what to expect in an analysis consultation at The Kensington Hair Clinic.

As a general guide most Kensington Hair Clinic procedures are in the range of £3,000 – £8,000.

Many clients take advantage of our zero interest equal stage payment plan to get the results they want without having to commit to making a large upfront payment.

Personalised treatment plan

Our first objective is to assess the degree of your hair loss. Our second is to understand what you want to achieve from your hair restoration.

Factors which determine your suitability for a particular treatment include the quality and density of your natural hair; the ratio between donor and recipient areas of your scalp, any medical conditions and your overall health.

A patient with naturally ‘thicker’ hair may look as if he or she has a full head of hair after a 1500 follicular unit / graft procedure. Another patient with thinner, less dense (or ‘finer’) hair may need up to 3,000 follicular unit / grafts to achieve a similar result.

The exact cost will depend on numerous factors including the extent of your hair loss, donor area, hair characteristics and your goals. Plus the type of procedure, how long it takes, the number of follicular units/grafts and the number of our technicians needed to assist.


We guarantee you the highest possible quality at a price which will always be competitive. And exceptional value for the quality. Of course, like any other service or product, you will always be able to find a cheaper hair transplant elsewhere, sometimes a “smoke and mirrors” clinic and sometimes overseas. But there will be additional costs and it is usually quality and after-care. And please remember that you are buying something which will be with you for a lifetime.. 



The Kensington Hair Clinic guarantee

Every patient is different. So results can vary from person to person. The Kensington Hair Clinic cannot guarantee results but we are so confident in our procedures that we are able to make the following offer…

We will replace without charge any hair graft which does not grow provided that you meet the following conditions:

1. It is at least 12 months since you had your KHC procedure.

2. Following your KHC procedure, you have not had another hair restoration procedure performed elsewhere and you have not had or are currently having aesthetic and/or medical treatment which can adversely affect your hair growth.

3. You have complied with all KHC post-surgery care instructions and other medical recommendations made by us. You have attended all of your post surgery consultations and follow-up visits advised by us.

4. We have assessed the growth of your transplanted hair and calculated the number of follicular units/grafts to be replaced without charge and

5. We have not assessed you as being ineligible for a subsequent hair transplant procedure for any medical reason including failure by you to disclose relevant medical history and information, the inadequacy of your donor area, lack of elasticity of your scalp or the onset of a new medical condition. We will in our sole discretion make the final decision which will be based on medical judgement.

The long-term value of hair restoration surgery

The Kensington Hair Clinic’s hair restoration procedures are permanent solutions, so you can enjoy your hair – and your life – with renewed confidence and satisfaction.

Preferential rates for clients with private medical insurance

The Kensington Hair Clinic is part of The Medical Chambers Kensington, an international multidisciplinary private sector clinic recognised by most major private medical insurers.

So we are able to offer preferential rates to members of BUPA, BUPA International, Axa PPP, CIGNA, Allianz, Vitality Health, Henner, WPA, Simply Health and International SOS.

We ask you to demonstrate to us that you are a member of one of these Insurers to benefit from these rates.

We offer hair transplant consultation without obligation and without charge

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