Beard transplants

Facial hair has seen a dramatic resurgence in popularity

Over the past five years, facial hair has seen a dramatic resurgence in popularity, and bearded styles have increased significantly, now firmly back in fashion. Whilst the clean-shaven look still remains popular, it is understandable that many men feel frustrated by the inability to grow a thick, full beard – they may find hair growth sprouts in patches, or not at all, and so may feel a lack of confidence in this area.

Beard transplants – a confidence boost

As the return to a more natural adult male image – complete with face and body hair – is being embraced, with a hirsute look once again being seen to express masculinity. As a result, a patchy or underdeveloped beard – either naturally occurring, from repeated hair removal, or following medical treatment – can leave many men feeling self-conscious and negatively affect their self-confidence.

At the Kensington Hair Clinic, our specialist experts are able to sensitively discuss patients’ options to restore facial hair, and through careful decision-making about the direction and angle of hair follicles to be harvested, can either offer non-surgical treatment or utilise clinically-proven surgical techniques – such as follicular unit extraction (FUE) – in order to create facial hair transplants which are virtually indistinguishable from naturally-growing facial hair.

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