Combination surgeries

Achieve a blended natural look

Combination surgeries (also known as mega-surgeries) comprise techniques of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplants (FUT) to restore hair to achieve a blended, natural look, where a patient requires more than 3,500 grafted donor follicle units.

Why choose combination hair restoration surgery?

The advantage to combination surgeries are many; only one hair restoration surgery is required to achieve the desired result; there is less scarring in the donor areas; the patient requires less time off work and so can resume their routine more quickly; and, overall, it is the most cost-effective solution to combat hair loss – however, combination surgeries are not universally suitable for all hair loss. The patient’s hair and scalp condition must be examined and we cannot proceed with the combination surgery unless it is deemed appropriate for the individual.

Combination surgeries are performed by our surgeons, who are among the U.K.’s finest hair restoration experts and have worked alongside some of the leading clinicians in the world. At the Kensington Hair Clinic, we’re proud to offer only the best in surgical and non-surgical hair restoration treatment in a bespoke, discreet luxury setting, and our highly specialized staff are always on-hand to ensure our patients receive the best in pre-surgical and follow-up care.

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