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We offer bespoke treatments tailored to your needs

There are many reasons you may decide to have treatment for hair loss; to boost confidence in your business or personal life; to look as young as you feel; to have your appearance present in the same way you see yourself; or to restore your hair to its previous fullness after illness – each patient is different.

Here, we see each case as unique which allows our highly-trained personnel and hair restoration experts to offer a bespoke hair restoration treatment tailored to your needs.

Which procedure is best for hair restoration?

In determining which procedure is right for you we consider many factors.
The degree of your hair loss; the condition of your hair and scalp; potential underlying medical concerns; and environmental stresses that may be causing – or accelerating – hair loss. So it is very important to have an expert analysis.

There are also personal choices.

Younger patients may want to begin to treat conditions such as Male pattern baldness earlier, despite the condition’s relative unpredictability, which may mean further treatment down the line. But as they will not experience loss of transplanted hair, they can mask the effects until later treatment is needed. So having treatment earlier can be viewed as a long-term investment in self-confidence, which might otherwise take a knock. For these patients, treatment is well worth the price simply because they know they will otherwise face diminished self-esteem and years of expensive ‘quick-fix solutions’ that don’t work. They would rather fix the ‘problem’ instead of waiting for it to worsen.

For older patients, there can be tremendous psychological benefit in undergoing treatment for something that has been bothering them for a long time, but has been put off because of ‘what people will think.’ In this day and age, hair restoration surgery has become destigmatised and commonplace – so much so that we are likely meet many who’ve had new surgical techniques to obtain results that are so natural-looking they’re virtually indistinguishable from natural hair.
Still, more patients have tremendous success with non-surgical medical treatments for hair loss, and our experts are able to treat these patients while monitoring any changes.

Discretion, ongoing support and fantastic results

Whatever the problem, rest assured that the Kensington Hair Clinic team is with you every step of the way, and will help you come to a decision about the treatment which will best suit your lifestyle and hair restoration needs.
We offer free no-obligation hair and scalp analysis with our specialists – contact us to arrange a time to speak either in-clinic or over the telephone. Find out what to expect in the consultation process.

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