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About hair loss

Many of us will experience thinning hair with age

As we age hair becomes more brittle and can begin to thin.

Early-onset hair loss can be sudden, discouraging and negatively impact our self-confidence in our business and personal lives.

The causes of hair loss (alopecia) vary from person to person. And although lifestyle and environment do play a role – stress, smoking, and excess alcohol intake have been shown to correlate with thinning hair, as do exposure to UV or strong chemicals – the most common reason is genetics.

Meaning that without medical intervention, hair loss is almost always inevitable and is frequently accompanied by serious psychological side effects – such as negative self-image, low confidence and sometimes depression.

The Kensington Hair Clinic: Not an average hair restoration solution

Thanks to great advances in the field of surgical hair restoration, gone are the hair transplant surgeries of the past. Which almost always resulted in less-than-natural results.

At The Kensington Hair Clinic, some of the U.K.’s leading specialists in hair loss and restoration are available to clinically assess and advise on hair loss at any age and at any stage, using the best medicines and surgical techniques. All in a comfortable, discreet boutique setting.

Our patients are supported every step of the way – from the initial enquiry, through the consultation process and the hair transplant to post-surgical care and follow-up treatment.

We offer hair transplant consultation without obligation and without charge

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