Do I need to take hair loss medication when having a hair transplant treatment?

In this video Trevor Burnham, senior hair advisor at our central London hair clinic, discusses the importance of hair loss medication alongside hair transplant procedures.

Do I need to take medication when having a hair transplant treatment?

The simple answer in most cases is yes. Medication is extremely beneficial as a complement to having a hair transplant procedure. Hair loss medications help to slow and stop the progression of further hair loss and to protect any existing hair that you have. With a hair transplant procedure we will restore areas where you’ve lost hair so a combination of the two will give you the highest level of results and outcome.

In most cases it’s very beneficial that you use these medications in advance of having a hair transplant procedure and also continue to use them indefinitely after the procedure as well. This will limit the scenario of you having to consider further surgeries if you were to lose more hair.

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“It has been 18 months since my treatment and I am so pleased with the results. Credit goes to the whole team, from Trevor at the consultation and initial appointment stage, the team carrying out the operation (which only took one day), through to Sylvia at the post operation and follow up stage, everyone was available and happy to help with any concerns or questions I had. I would highly recommend Kensington Hair Clinic to anyone considering FUE. Thanks!”
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Watch the video to find out more about the types of hair loss medication available. If you have any questions our would like to find out more about hair loss medications available then please get in touch with us here.

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