How to grow a man bun

The most popular hair related search terms in Google 2015?

“How to grow a man bun” and “How to tie a man bun”.  Follow by… “comb-over”

The man bun is everywhere… there’s even hashtags:
#ManBunMonday #TopKnotTuesday #SundayBunday

Why is that?

Women aren’t the only ones in search of a good hair day. Men are, too.

In fact, 2015 is the first year that there has been more interest in men’s hair than women’s hair on Google (by around 6%). – Google Report 2015

More men then women are turning to the internet to educate themselves on the perfect:

  • Comb over
  • Fade haircuts
  • Undercut
  • Flat top haircut
  • High top fade
  • Pompadour fade
  • Hair sponge
  • Man bun
  • Mohawk fade

Women are still searching – they want braids.

And who doesn’t think Rihanna rocked the grey and purple hairstyles?


Men especially you younger lads are much more open to using grooming products without fear of stigma or judgment.  A man should be proud to style.

Good hair days make you feel like you can rule the world.

Whether your a man or woman.

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