Should I have a hair transplant in Turkey?

Kensington Hair Clinic Insights with Trevor Burnham this week looks at the benefits of hair transplant procedures at home in the UK vs going abroad.

Most men considering the FUE hair transplant will be looking at the possibility of going to Turkey, the main reason being that it can be a lower cost compared to hair transplant treatments here in the UK. Whilst this lower price point may appear attractive initially there are a lot of other things to consider.

Cost is of course important but it shouldn’t be the overriding factor with a surgical medical procedure to your body. Your hair transplant will be on show to the world and it is important it is done right. If you are thinking to travel abroad, particularly to Turkey, then it is important to think of the quality of the surgery and whether the hair transplant procedure is being performed by a medical professional. A certified hair transplant surgeon is very important. Another key consideration would be the after care. How would you negotiate the after care if you have had your surgery in a different country? After care is extremely important and is also be a big factor in determining the best results. While it wouldn’t be fair to say that you couldn’t have an acceptable hair transplant abroad, in in any country you do need to be cautious about approaching this prospect.

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“It has been 18 months since my treatment and I am so pleased with the results. Credit goes to the whole team, from Trevor at the consultation and initial appointment stage, the team carrying out the operation (which only took one day), through to Sylvia at the post operation and follow up stage, everyone was available and happy to help with any concerns or questions I had. I would highly recommend Kensington Hair Clinic to anyone considering FUE. Thanks!“
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Watch the video to find out more about hair the risks of having a hair transplant abroad. If you have any questions our would like to find out more about hair loss procedures available then please get in touch with us here.

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