When will I see the full results of my hair transplant procedure?

Welcome back to Kensington Hair Clinic Insights with London hair transplant specialist Trevor Burnham. A lot of you out there would like to know the answer to the question “When will I see the full results of my hair transplant procedure?”.

Bear in mind a hair transplant is a natural process and it will take time to see the full results after your hair transplant. The transplanted area will be visible and will have the appearance of stubble. Furthermore this hair would be expected to shed and fall out approximately 3 weeks after your procedure. This is normal, the hair sheds but the follicle remains below the skin and epidermis. Once the hair has shed it will go into a short resting phase known as the Telogen Resting phase. This phase can last approximately 3 months and then after this you can expect to see the transplanted hair start to regrow.

This Anagen Phase is when the hair starts to regrow. New hair growth may be a little bit fine and weak almost like baby hair. The hair strengthens as it matures and you’ll start to see the coverage and density improve. We would expect that you’d be approximately 50% into the full result at around 6 months post op. The improvements are about 10% per month thereafter with the full results normally evident at around about the 12 month mark. At 12 months we would expect the hair to have matured and the coverage and density to be to be fully evident. Everyone’s physiology and body and how they respond to the hair transplant will differ and some may take slightly longer to see the results. Sometimes full hair transplant results can take up to 16 months to see. For this reason the full result is something you need to be patient and also be sure that you have follow-up appointments with your clinic. Normally at the 6 month mark and the 12 month mark your hair transplant clinic should meet with you to monitor progress.

Watch the video to find out more about how long you can expect to wait to see the full results of your hair transplant. If you have any questions our would like to find out more about hair transplant procedures available then please get in touch with us here.

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